Nicholas Mitchell

Program Manager and Policy Analyst, Regeneration

As a practitioner of sustainable earth resource management, I am motivated to strategically organize human-environmental interactions to ensure the lasting health and prosperity of both planetary and anthropological systems

Nicholas Mitchell, Research and Policy Fellow, Transition Minerals


Nicholas Mitchell is a Program Manager and Policy Analyst for Regeneration Enterprises. Regeneration is a restoration start-up that provides biodiversity, community, and climate positive minerals for the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands.

As the Program Manager, Nicholas creates and implements efficient, effective planning and management systems suitable for a start-up like Regeneration. He supports and coordinates programmatic and business activities, with a particular focus on tracking and monitoring team and working group results.

At RESOLVE, Nicholas started his work as a Research and Policy Fellow working with the Sustainable Resources team. He forwarded the implementation of the Climate Smart Mine Emissions Widget and conducted policy research on energy transition minerals, re-mining, and environmental restoration.

Prior to working with RESOLVE, Nicholas developed expertise in renewable energy project planning, strategic market analysis, global climate change policy, deep sea mining, and geochemistry through his education and previous work. He recently completed a Master's of Science degree in Geological Sciences at Cornell University.

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