Marlène Naglula

Project Assistant, Democratic Republic of Congo

Our work promotes the access of artisanal miners, women miners, young girls, people living with disabilities and indigenous peoples to economic and financial autonomy and social well-being.

Marlène Ngalula, Project Assistant


Marlène Ngalula is a Project Assistant for DDI Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In this role, she manages gender issues in projects by ensuring the integration of the gender dimension in all the activities of mining cooperatives, ensuring a balanced representation of men and women in project staff and teams, during trainings, and at a beneficiary level. She participates in field missions in order to develop innovative approaches to advance the participation of women in development.

Before joining DDI, Marlène Naglula worked in the Orders and Deliveries Department of the pilot printing plant in Kinshasa, DRC where she participated in order prioritization and delivery scheduling. She then worked as an accountant at New Transkin, a Kinshasa public transport company.


Master's in Economics and Management
University of CEPROMAD

Bachelor's in Commercial and Administrative Sciences
Lycée Notre Dame du Kasaï

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  • Environmental, social, and health impact assessments
  • Environmental management
  • Promotion of gender issues
  • Land reclamation and reuse
  • Monitoring and evaluation


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