Bockarie Steven Sannoh

Program Officer, Sierra Leone

The environment provides support for all forms of human enterprise and wellbeing. Working to ensure this core mandate is preserved for sustainable beneficiation is a venture I deeply identify with - especially examining the role of natural resources in reversing growing poverty in resource-rich communities.

Bockarie Steven Sannoh, Program Officer


Bockarie Steven Sannoh is an Environmentalist and Natural Resource Management Professional, specializing in ethical mining in Sierra Leone. As a Program Officer for DDI Sierra Leone, he is engaged in the delivery of various natural resources management and community development projects.

Steven has employed his skills to raise awareness on environmental and social best practices for formalization of the artisanal diamond mining sector in resource-rich, post-conflict and fragile states. Beginning in 2012, he has led the implementation of Diamond Development Initiative’s (DDI’s) Maendeleo Diamond Standards in Kono District, Sierra Leone, to build the capacity of artisanal diamond miners to align their mining operations with responsible social and environmental best practices with the goal of increasing formalization in the artisanal mining sector.


Bachelor of Science (Hon) Environmental Chemistry
Njala University

Global Environmental Management – Certificate

Technical University of Demark

Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy – Certificate

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Municipal Waste Management in Developing Countries – Certificate

Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and Eawag

Natural Resources for Sustainable Development – Certificate

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

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  • Environment Social Impact Assessments for artisanal mining
  • Community engagement
  • Training facilitation
  • Standard audit
  • Research


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