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Methane and Health: Crucial Intersections between Climate Mitigation and Public Health

New report identifies near-term actions to reduce methane emissions and benefit human health

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New Publication Featuring TrailGuard AI: Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict

A new publication features TrailGuard AI camera-alert system designed To promote coexistence between tigers and humans

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Regeneration Welcomes a Founding Partner

Regeneration and Mejuri, a mission-driven fine jewelry company, have formed a strategic partnership to create responsibly sourced jewelry with minerals and metals recovered from mine waste. As a social enterprise, Regeneration targets mine waste as a new source of minerals for sustainable brands and the energy transition.

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U.S Government Touts the Launch of the Health Electrification and Telecommunication Alliance

USAID announced during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit a new Global Development Alliance, one of the largest in USAID history, called the Health Electrification and Telecommunication Alliance (HETA). RESOLVE is a key founding member of this alliance.

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Meet the PR3 Team

Meet the members of our team working to develop global standards for reuse so that reusable packaging and infrastructure can become affordable, scalable and convenient - reducing wasteful plastic production and pollution.

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Sharing RESOLVE's 2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to share RESOLVE's 2021 Annual Report.

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Raising the Bar on Health Equity

Raising the Bar provides an actionable framework for the entire healthcare sector to embed equity throughout its work and help achieve optimal health for all.

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Creating a School-Friendly Health System

Children’s National Hospital and RESOLVE released the 5 Core Principles of a School-Friendly Health System. These principles focus on how health care can contribute to a child’s health and academic success in partnership with schools and families.

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RESOLVE Builds its Sustainable Resources Team, Announces Two Senior Appointments

RESOLVE is pleased to announce the appointment of Carolyn Burns as Director, and Mayer Ngomesia as Senior Expert in our Sustainable Resources Program. Carolyn brings a depth of experience designing and leading multi-stakeholder collaboration in the mining sector, and Mayer has extensive experience solving complex social and environmental challenges in natural resource development and supply chains, with a focus on investment and due diligence in the minerals sector.

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Resources to Support Equitable COVID-19 Vaccination and Recovery Efforts

With recent warnings that the United States could see as many as 100 million cases of COVID-19 this fall and winter, now is a good time to take stock of what we have learned over the last two years of the pandemic and to reflect on the ways in which we can strengthen community health and preparedness going forward.

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